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12th August 2013

Ocean Blue heron rib matting used in swimming pool areaDesigned and manufactured by ESE, stainless steel changing room benches are perfect for swimming pool changing rooms or other wet-room areas, because the 304 grade dull polished stainless steel makes them highly resistant to high humidity and most chemical exposure, as well as being able to handle contact with lots of water!

Stainless steel benches range from basic free-standing seats to single or double sided units that come complete with an integrated hat/coat hook rail. Each individual piece of furniture comes in a variety of dimensions, enabling you to choose a bench to suit your requirements. Our smallest product in this range is a basic free-standing changing room bench at 1000 x 450 x 300mm, while a double sided changing room bench measuring 3000 x 1750 x 800mm is the largest in our range. But there are plenty of sizes available for all varieties so there is bound to be one that is perfect for any swimming pool changing room or wet-room area!

The benches are available either with a one piece compact laminate seat, which can be blue or grey depending on personal choice, or with stainless steel slats. They are supplied part-assembled, requiring just a few bolts to finish the assembly, and come with 40mm tube legs.

Our stainless steel items come with plastic feet as standard, enabling them to be moved around when needed. However, floor fixing cleat brackets made from rust resistant metal are also available and sold separately, enabling the benches to be fixed securely to the floor if that is what you would prefer.

Please check out our range of high quality construction stainless steel changing room benches!