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25th November 2014

When you are choosing a new changing room bench for your school, college or general changing facilities it is important to make sure that they are the right height for optimum comfort.

The height of the changing room benches you sit on while you get changed in the gym or the spa probably doesn’t even enter your head, but there is an optimum height for different situations.

This is why, at ESE Cloakrooms, we have created this simple infographic to illustrate the bench heights against, some things you should consider are:

Height of changing room benches

The hook rails and upper shelves (if you opt for one) will be at different heights depending on which height you go for.
You shouldn’t have to over stretch to be able to reach the hook rail, so they are set at the heights listed below, we have converted to feet too (just in case you can’t visualise mm – like me)
Primary/Infant School
Hook Rail: 1250mm = 4 foot 1
Junior/Middle School
Hook Rail: 1500mm = 4 foot 11
Adult/Senior School
Hook Rail: 1600mm = 5 foot 2

Changing room configurator

Cloakroom benches height guide

If you are still not sure which bench is best suited to your needs, you can always call our Projects team who will be happy to talk you through the different options available.

Alternatively we have also just launched a cloakroom configurator which you may find helpful.