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Sport England Changing Room Guidelines

For projects funded by Sport England there are a number of specifications changing room benches and lockers must to comply with.

The following information is our interpretation of the Sport England guidelines for Pavilions, Club Houses and Sports Halls, it is intended to provide you with a basic outline of requirements, if the specific details are critical to your project please make sure you seek clarification with Sport England.

  1. The length of bench seating allowance is 500mm wide per person (remember you lose at least one or two seat spaces when benches meet each other in a corner).
  2. Dressing room and changing benches are expected to be constructed with Hardwood slats or Solid Plastic Laminate seats, be 450mm high x 450mm deep and Cantilever wall fixed (without any legs) see our Classic aero bench range. The principle behind this is to prevent the sport participants from being able to stub their toes.
  3. However, if your walls are not of sufficient strength / construction (usually they must be dense concrete block or brick) to withstand the load of the benches and the sports people on them, they will permit the use of benches with legs (it is always wise to seek their approval though). Walls with tiled surfaces where the benches are required to be fitted are also likely to be unsuitable as the fixings are required to be securely tightened in the wall to ensure the benches do not work themselves loose and this is likely to crack the tiles. We designed the Club Mono bench (wall and floor fixed) and the Club Mezzo Deep bench (freestanding or floor fixed) specifically for these situations. The legs are manufactured from 45mm diameter steel tube and back set 25mm from the front of the bench seat specifically to make it extremely hard to stub your toes, side on your leg is more likely to catch the seat first and front on even bare feet should glance off the round section.

Accessible changing facility guidelines

In Accessible changing facilities the benches are expected to be 500mm deep x 450mm high with the same specification as above.

If you have a specific requirement please contact us as we can manufacture cloakroom benches to suit almost any application or room.

Personal Storage Lockers

Similarly for personal storage lockers in changing rooms, Sport England recommend allowing 2 or 3 locker compartments per bench space (to accommodate easier switching over of teams in the dressing rooms).

  1. They require them to be manufactured from moisture resistant materials if directly situated in the changing rooms, or mounted on a 150mm high plinth or locker stands if outside the changing room, to prevent corrosion.
  2. The minimum locker size is 900mm high x 300mm wide x 450mm deep but in Sports Halls they recommend 500mm deep (presumably to take larger sports equipment bags).

We can also supply you with hat & coat hooks, waste bins, notice boards and dry wipe boards specified as required in team changing areas.

The Football Foundation have very similar guidelines to Sport England and more in-depth details including those on space, toilets and shower facility allowances required for Pavilions, Clubhouses and Sports Halls can be found on their respective websites.

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