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Operation, Inspection & Maintenance

The cloakroom equipment we manufacture requires very little maintenance or inspection, and providing they are not mistreated, will last for many years (our first installation was in use for over 24 years).

We recommend the hardwood and steelwork are cleaned as you would other furniture by using a soft cloth and a little non-abrasive polish.

The hardwood is sealed by a long lasting marine quality lacquer and the epoxy powder coating on the steel is also resistant to moisture and stubborn marks so ingrained dirt can be washed off with hot soapy water, but please do not leave it to soak or use abrasive scouring pads as this will weaken the protective coatings.

Inspection and Maintenance

We recommend the condition of the framework, hardwood slats and tightness of assembly bolts or screws (and floor fixings if appropriate) are inspected approximately every six months and adjusted if required, especially if the changing area is prone to moisture, large temperature variations, or intensive use.

If there is damage to the wood finish, clean the area sanding lightly if needed and apply a coat of semi-gloss marine varnish to the affected area.

If there is damage to the paintwork, clean the steel and apply a coat of paint to match existing colour as soon as possible. If the scratch has been left too long and rust has begun to form, clean down all the affected area with wire wool and apply a zinc rich paint to the area prior to painting in the colour of the bench.

View bench colours and specifications for Classic, Evolve and Club Benches >.
View bench colours and specifications for our Aqua bench range >.

If the aluminium coat hooks are damaged or broken, replace with new ones to prevent injury.

The standard powder coated Classic, Evolve and Club benches are not designed for use in areas containing chemicals / high level of moisture / humidity, such as directly in showers, saunas, swimming pools (changing rooms separated by doors from these areas are ok).
We would recommend for these applications you either specify electro zinc pre-finish applied prior to powder coating, or you specify our Aqua stainless steel benches with compact laminate tops for these applications.

Disposal of ESE Direct Changing Room Furniture.

The cloakroom benches will last for many years (our first installation was in use for over 24 years), when they have reached their effective use period environmentally friendly disposal is relatively simple and very cost effective.

  1. Remove the wood from the framework and send for recycling.
  2. Remove the aluminium coat hooks from the wood and send for recycling.
  3. Unbolt the steel framework and send for recycling.

“Benches have been received as promised, we will definitely be using your company again in the future”

“Thank you, the benches are great, I have been really impressed with the quick service and speedy delivery. Great job!”

“The cloakroom benches and coat hooks at Archdeacon School are so good – we want to order more!”

“Thank you for the E-mail. We have ordered 3 benches in total from you now and all have been received. I found your staff helpful when I rang and your website easy to use.”

“The quality of the finish of these benches is the best I have ever seen. The paint finish is amazing. Along with the finish of the ash hardwood, well done.”