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Changing Room Flooring

Changing Room Flooring

EVA and PVC matting is ideal for use in leisure centres, around swimming pools and in most heavy traffic areas like changing rooms where the users need to be kept clear of potential water on the floor to reduce the risk of slipping, or to help insulate bare foot users from the cold concrete and ceramic tiled floors.

[span3]Flexi-deck changing room flooring in red[/span3]

Flexi-Deck PVC Floor Tiles

Flexi-Deck flexible PVC floor tile matting is suitable for use as floor covering mats in leisure and industrial applications. Having a PVC matting surface to walk on helps to insulate the user from cold, hard concrete floors and is ideal for use in changing rooms, drying areas and corridors especially in bare foot areas.

Each 300mm x 300mm tile interlinks to enable easy coverage of virtually any shape or size of area and once linked together they can be easily rolled up for cleaning purposes.

  • Textured top surface for excellent slip resistance with holes in to allow drainage of liquid to keep feet and clothing dry
  • Studs on the underside of each mat provide exceptional drainage properties
  • Bevelled edge ramps and corner pieces available to provide a slope at doorways or entrances to the matting area
  • Also resistant to most oils and chemicals to provide long lasting use in industrial and commercial environments
  • Tiles supplied in packs of 9 to privide just under 0.9m2 coverage per pack

[span3]Herontile changing room flooring[/span3]

Herontile EVA Mats

Herontile leisure application EVA floor tiles enable the covering of large floor areas with an easy click together joining to provide a seamless floor covering.

Hygienic and comfortable under foot, they are manufactured from EVA with additives that provide anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection and the circular embossing on top adds to the slip-resistance for people with bare feet.

The floor tiles 15mm height helps to provides optimum drainage space for removal of large volumes of water, especially useful in swimming pool changing rooms and shower areas.

  • Hygienic and highly slip resistant yet aesthetically pleasing
  • Open grid pattern with broad slats and sturdy supports make it comfortable to walk on
  • 27 tiles in each pack provides approximately 2.5m2 coverage per pack
  • Individual tiles measure 330mm x 330mm x 15mm high


[span3]Heronrib PVC Matting[/span3]

Heronrib PVC Matting

Exceptionally strong and flexible the Heronrib plastic matting is designed to give outstanding performance in wet area and barefoot applications, making it the ideal PVC matting system for areas such as changing rooms, sides of the swimming pool, around showers etc in sports and leisure facilities where safety, hygiene, comfort and effective drainage of surplus water are paramount.

  • Heronrib plastic mats are self-draining meeting the international standards for safety, hygiene and liquid drainage. Manufactured from high quality, 100% non-porous vinyl with a slip-resistant, specially embossed surface which conforms to DIN 51097 classification A+ B+ C. This highly effective slip resistant matting is designed to reduce the risk of slipping in areas where the presence of water poses a potential underfoot hazard.
  • For maximum hygiene in barefoot conditions, Heronrib plastic changing room mats have Sanitized anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives incorporated during the extruding process, which provide permanent hygienic properties and meet Sanitized test standards SN 195 920/921.
  • Also, importantly for barefoot conditions, this high performance product is exceptionally warm and comfortable to walk on, and highly effective in both outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Available 500mm or 1m wide by the full 10m roll or per linear metre as standard


[span3]Open PVC Matting[/span3]

Open PVC Matting Rolls

Woven PVC Mats are both colourful and hygienic, as well as practical as they are easily cleaned with hot, soapy water or pressure cleaners. Vertical holes in the PVC weave provide limited drainage and the matting is resistant to most oils to provide safer footing in wet or slippery conditions making it ideal for use where creams or lotions are applied.

  • Mats insulate the bare foot from cold floors and reduce fatigue
  • Intermediate 30mm x 10mm open weave grid suitable for those with bare feet
  • Heavyweight 22mm x 10mm open weave is also more suitable for wheeled traffic (especially useful in corridors)
  • Totally reversible floor covering provides for maximum wear and extended life compared to other types of matting and floor tiles
  • Also fire tested to DIN 54332 (B2) Part of DIN 4102
  • Available in 600mm, 900mm, 1.2m widths in rolls of either 5m or 10m long


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